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Our Philosophy

Motivated. Ambitious. Visionary.


“Even more beautiful than having visions, is realising them” (Lisz Hirn, 1984)

We are

A manufacturer and planner of exhaust air purification and gas desulphurisation plants, and producer of UgnCleanPellets®, we are part of the Rietzler-Gruppe network, a proprietor-run family business. While the group’s main focus is Germany, it also has international contacts for environment, energy, infrastructure and analytics.


Our idea

Because of the many legal regulations on air quality (e.g. TA Luft), we all have learned to expect exhaust air that is odourless and free of toxic substances. When creating solutions for eliminating toxic substances and odours for the benefit of the customer, there is always a conflict between cost effectiveness on the one hand, and the idea of sustainability on the other.

For this reason, we have taken on the task of confronting this very conflict, and providing our customers with a filtering material that is both sustainable and effective. In this regard, UgnCleanPellets®, our cellulose-based filtering material has proven a great success. It is more than just an alternative to activated carbon filters, and the savings in costs are quantifiable.


Our competencies

  • As a team we methodically analyse and seek solutions for pollutant and odour problems in exhaust fumes, as well as for the elimination of disturbing elements in biogas.
  • Our know-how is specialist and comprehensive, and is thanks to our employees’ high level of education, which is continuously upgraded by further training. In addition, our competence and innovation are based on and secured by close cooperation with institutes and universities.
  • The use of the latest procedures in exhaust and biogas purification is our strength, especially by means of biological, chemical, and physical process engineering.
  • We stand for the development of sustainable products, for example, functionalised cellulose filter materials for hybrid and bio-filters, as well as systems for the reduction of biogenic corrosion.

Our goals

  • With our products and services we hope to provide efficient, economic and sustainable solutions that are based on laws and legal standards, and customised to the customer’s specific problem.
  • We strive for trusting customer relationships, solid market presence, economic stability, and independence.
  • We would like to be a motivated, reliable, and fair business partner that acts ecologically.
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