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exhaust air treatment systems

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We focus on finding the best possible solution for your specific situation. An overwiev of our exhaust air treatment systems:

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Exhaust air treatment systems

Clean air from industrial processes and wastewater treatment plants

Since 2002, our reliable processes have set standards. We have been continuously developing and optimising these processes over the years. This puts us in a position to provide you with tried and tested individual exhaust air treatment solutions.

By means of UGN® filtration technology, pollutants and odorous substances are safely and effectively removed from exhaust air and gas flows. Our field of expertise is the application of biological, chemical, and physical processes.

Our exhaust air treatment systems are based on the UgnCleanPellets® filtering material by default.

By designing the amount and type of filtering material used according to your specific process requirements, we can guarantee the optimum level of purification and a long service life.

The exhaust air treatment systems comply with the strict emission regulations and can be perfectly adjusted to production processes.

Your benefits at glance


Overview of our exhaust air treatment systems


    • Odour control and pollutant disposal in technical installations


    • Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
    • Organic Hydrocarbons (VOC)
    • Ammonia (NH3)
    • Malodour


    • Made of plastic material or stainless steel
    • Modular concept for adjustment to different flow rates and malodour and pollutant concentrations

    … biofilter and hybrid filter options

    All module systems are available as biofilter or hybrid filter customised to your specific requirements. The mode of action of the respective filter is defined by the type of filtering material.

    Click >> HERE to learn more about all relevant differences between biofilters and hybrid filters. We are happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable product for your needs.


    • Active ventilation system for directed ventilation with built-in exhaust air purification
    • Developed specifically for wastewater treatment systems such as sewage systems, sludge storage tanks, wastewater reservoirs, pneumatic pumping stations, bar screen systems, force main connecting structures


    The UGN® BEGA System comprises the following services:

    • Engineering analysis and documentation of the actual state on site
    • Elaboration of measures for individual/customised process optimisation
      such as optimisation of ambient air, dosing, flow rate and pumping cycles
    • Design and sizing of the exhaust air purification system including all air ducts and regulating facilities
    • Delivery, installation and commissioning
    • Engineering support with (optional) dynamic adjustment


    Basic components:

    • Engineering analysis, design and supportg
    • UgnCleanPellets® filtering material

    Individual components (according to your needs):

    • UGN® hybrid filter module system
    • Manhole biofilter, pipe filter, pipe filter cartage
    • Convection barrier, flexible segment valve
    • Air trap

  • Classic spray tower

    • For moistening and separation of easily water-soluble exhaust air components

    chemical scrubber

    • For separation of poorly water-soluble exhaust air components
    • Use of the scrubbing liquid for neutralisation in the same process

    Biological-chemical UGN® scrubbers

    • Scrubber system developed by UGN®
    • For eliminating hydrogen cyanide (HCN) from the exhaust air flow
    • Complies with limit values, as confirmed by authorities

    We can design, build, and operate these exhaust air scrubbers in combination with our module systems or as a standalone unit.

Guaranteed individual consultation

We focus on finding the best possible solution for your specific situation. This may involve using other processes, systems and combinations from processes and technologies, which we are able to size, design and implement in cooperation with our partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and benefit from expert advice and innovative ideas.

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