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Service / Engineering

Design. Implementation. Optimisation.


Our customers are free to focus on their core business while we take care of their problems. We guide the customer through the entire process – from analysis to optimising and maintaining existing plants.


Based on 15 years of experience and in close cooperation with our clients, we design and build for you exhaust air treatment and gas desulphurisation systems. Our experienced engineers guide you through all the design and construction stages. During this process we find the optimal solutions even for the most challenging jobs.

We are of course also happy to assist you in all aspects of statutory approvals.

  • Documents on explosion protection
  • Approval process as per BImSchG (German Federal Pollution Control Act)
  • Design of gas and air treatment systems according to process engineering requirements
  • CAD design
  • From 3D construction for parts and systems to production detailing
  • From freehand sketch to ready-to-use system

Professional and responsible installation and commissioning by UGN staff is the key to a perfectly running system. Our highly trained and experienced experts guarantee top quality and smooth operation of your UGN system.

We supervise system installation, and our engineers take care of the commissioning. If need be, we perform the commissioning in cooperation with the official monitoring authorities.


  • Systems made of plastic material or stainless steel
  • Piping construction
  • Installation team equipped with state-of-the-art service vehicle for operation throughout Europe


  • Worldwide operation
  • Commissioning of UGN and third-party systems
  • 24-hour service if agreed
  • Leak tests on landfill gas, biogas, and other plants
  • State-of-the-art measuring equipment in the hands of experienced engineers
  • Extensive system documentation
  • Hands-on training and operator briefing on site

Benefit from our long years of experience, resulting from collaboration with industrial enterprises, consulting engineers, towns/municipalities and associations. Our services in this area comprise:

  • Emission measurement, emission analysis, emission evaluation (exhaust air, biogas, landfill gas)
  • FID field measurement
  • Monitoring gas and exhaust air processes
  • Sampling
  • Lab analysis (external)
  • Measurement data analysis
  • Complaint management
  • Analysis report with recommendations for actions to be taken

We are happy to take care of maintenance and service of your UGN or third-party system. Our service is based on a customised maintenance contract or an individual offer and comprises:

  • Filtering material exchange and disposal
  • Cleaning/exchanging parts according to maintenance plan
  • Cleaning process water overflow
  • Performance checks
  • Repair of damaged systems or assemblies
  • Immediate emergency assistance
  • Remote maintenance

Professional care and maintenance is crucial for the smooth operation, technical condition, and performance of your exhaust air treatment or gas desulphurisation system.

Maintenance saves you money, ensures maximum operational safety of your system, extends the service life and guarantees stable operation.


New product requirements, changing legal regulations, or economic reasons may make it necessary to optimise your exhaust air purification or biogas desulphurisation system. There are many optimisation measures that can be taken, but which are the really effective ones?

Consult our expert team for a process analysis and increase your system performance:

  • Revision of plants in terms of functionality and energy efficiency
  • Efficiency measurement
  • Measurement of fluidic parameters
  • Setting up optimisation schemes
  • Cost estimates

The best way to show the capabilities of our filtering material and the system technology is a real-life test.

This is why we can provide you with a test and pilot system along with a matching measuring and analysis programme. Based on a real-life situation, you are therefore able to evaluate the necessary design data.

Benefits for you:

  • Reliable evaluation of specific values of the raw air
  • Determination of the best suitable treatment process
  • High planning reliability
  • Efficient determination of costs of investment

The core of our system technology and the basis for system optimisation lie in our filtering material:

  • UgnCleanPellets® Basis → for exhaust air treatment
  • UgnCleanPellets® C 3.5 → for exhaust air treatment
  • UgnCleanPellets® S 1.0 → for exhaust air treatment
  • UgnCleanPellets® S 3.5 → for exhaust air treatment and gas desulphurisation
  • UgnCleanPellets® BIO S 3.5 → for gas desulphurisation
  • UgnCleanTubes® S 3.5 → for gas desulphurisation

Made of recycled material, this filtering material is particularly sustainable and resource-conserving. We produce all the materials at our Gera site and can therefore guarantee highest quality standards and maximum flexibility. Moreover, this allows the filtering material to be defined and customised to your needs and application with special filter properties.


At the Gera site we produce our gas purification systems from plastic material, as well as manhole biofilters, sewer infiltration water barriers, pipe filters, and emission barriers.

We use a state-of-the-art fully automatic CNC machine (working range 3,000 cm × 2,000 cm, processing of PE, PP, PVC, acryl), and we have decades of experience in plastics processing.

In the field of plastics processing: cutting and welding, we offer the following services:

  • Batch production and one-off production of cutting parts
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Hot gas welding for plastic materials by means of hand-held welding gun, extruder, hot-plate welding machine, calibre welding machine
  • Plastics container production and plastics tank repair (such as fuel tanks or tanks of agricultural machinery)

For existing landfills, we offer landfill monitoring as a means of surveillance. In the scope of this monitoring, the following is checked, documented, and analysed on a regular basis:

  • Landfill gas emissions (FID, ground air, laboratory gas analysis)
  • Surface water
  • Groundwater
  • Leachate

The results are presented in a factual summary and analysis report containing tabular and graphical evaluations.

As a rule, these results and the analysis of the performed checks must be presented to the surveillance authority and made available to the public on an annual basis.

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