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Managing director

Dipl.-Ing. environmental process engineering (FH)

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For many years now, UGN-Umwelttechnik has enjoyed an excellent reputation both at home and abroad as a specialist for exhaust air purification in the municipal and industrial sectors, and the desulphurisation of biogenic fuel gases.

Our range of services:

  • Design and installation of filter systems for gas desulphurisation and for the degradation of pollutants and odorous substances
  • Optimisation of existing plants
  • Analysis and monitoring of gas and exhaust air processes
  • Production, distribution, and enhancement of filtering materials and exhaust air purification and gas desulphurisation
  • Production, distribution, and enhancement of UGN® filters and tools

Successful collaboration with the customer is based on professional specialist consultation from our experienced employees. Central to our success are the striving for quality and the customising of project processing to customer needs.

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