Forschung und Entwicklung bei Abluftreinigung, Gasentschwefelung, Filtermaterial, Qualitätssiegel TOP 100




The development of the filtering material, UgnCleanPellets,

shows the opportunities that can arise when an innovative

approach is followed, and high quality processes used. For

this reason, it is important to keep up this developer spirit

and to continue to develop our products with the customer

in mind.

Ansprechpartner: Bereichsleiter Produktion und Forschung, Entwicklung Herbert Zölsmann, Ing.-Ökonom
Proxy, Head of division


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Ansprechpartner: Abteilungsleiter Forschung und Entwicklung Andreas Mielke, Dipl.-Ing. Bioverfahrenstechnik
Head of R&D department

Graduate Biological Process Engineer

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Encouraging innovation

Research and development holds great importance within our company. Besides our own development team, consisting of engineers and natural scientists, during R&D projects, we also seek out collaborations with universities, research institutes, and partner companies. This allows us unlimited access to expert know-how and corresponding measurement methodology. Please find an overview of our partners at >> Partners & Networks.

Pilot plants and test facilities for exhaust air treatment and gas desulphurisation

Furthermore, to continuously develop our products and processes, we operate at various locations our own pilot plants and test facilities for exhaust air treatment and gas desulphurisation.

We can determine the optimal process for our customers by means of concrete tests under practical conditions. This comprehensive testing means that the investment costs for the customer are calculable.

(Future) development of the UgnCleanPellets® filtering material

Our UgnCleanPellets® – a sustainable filtering material made from recycled material – make up the “core piece” of our system technology and the base for system optimisation. UgnCleanPellets® have been developed by our company and in collaboration with both national and international research partners. The UgnCleanPellets® are continuously enhanced and can be defined with specific filtering characteristics and customized to the intended application.  

TOP 100 Quality Seal

In 2016 our company was conferred with the honour “TOP-100 - the most innovative small and medium-sized German enterprise” for its many innovations and their successful market introduction. In order to qualify for this quality seal we took part in a challenging selection process.

The mentor of TOP-100, the science journalist and TV presenter, Ranga Yogeshwar, was impressed by the quality of the participating companies and hopes for a signal effect, as the future will see a rise in the importance of innovation culture for all enterprises.

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