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New web presence from October 1, 2017


Welcome to our new website. We are delighted to present to you our new face. It is more in keeping with the times and will give you the opportunity to get to know us better in the Internet as well. When designing the new website, we took on board your wishes and requirements. You will also find the design more vivid. We found your ideas and tips a great help when it came to designing this new web presence. Many thanks for your input.As before, our website will inform you about our company, introduce you to our team, and provide useful information on our services and products. We also want to keep you-up to-date on our latest developments. Feel free to download our flyers and brochures for more information.Please take your time to go through the website and find the contents relevant to your needs. Of course, we are available in person at to answer further any questions you may have. 


Gera, 24.10.2017

+49 (0) 365 - 830 58 98
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