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Produkte und Dienstleistungen zur Abluft- und Biogasreinigung
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UgnCleanPellets S 3.5: A true alternative to activated carbon

Novel and sustainable filtering material based on a compound material made from cellulose fibres. UgnCleanPellets® is an excellent substrate which is biologically active and the catalytic properties of which can be activated.

UGN produziert_UgnCleanPellets
Participation in two EU research projects
doing research

In 2013, UGN was asked to participate once again in EU research projects. The current projects are named DryCloset Demo and Grave Gas. In a national project the company investigates the possibility of using humin sands for exhaust air and gas purification.

UGN forscht_DryCloset
A novel biogas desulphurisation process...
proving its worth

... proves its worth during the Power to Gas project.
As commissioned by Fraunhofer Institut Kassel, UGN supplied a desulphurisation system based on UgnCleanPellets S 3.5 for oxygen-free biogas treatment.

UGN bewaert sich_Power to Gas
UgnCleanPellets as a means of soil improvement
Being green

UgnCleanPellets® are a truly recyclable product which can be applied as a means of soil improvement and comply with the maximum permissible values stated in the applicable regulations.

UGN_ist umweltbewusst
2013 German Environment Prize

Following a proposal by the Thuringian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Conservation, UGN was nominated for the 2013 German Environment Prize for its UgnCleanPellets®.

UGN ist nominiert_Umweltpreis
UGN is a member of the Biogas Forum Bayern and the DWA
Being public

UGN was appointed to two expert committees (Biogas Forum Bayern and DWA) to co-develop expert information sheets on Biogas Desulphurisation in Agricultural Biogas Plants as well as worksheets on Purifying Exhaust Air from Wastewater Treatment Plants.

UGN ist öffentlich_Biogas Forum